Another flavors you can choose from! (Limited edition)

Le Lectier Pear Kit Kat – Niigata Limited Edition

The Le Lectier Kit Kat is another example of how Japanese people like to randomly throw French phrases around. Le Lectier is a popular pear grown in Niigata making it a prime candidate for a regional limited edition. Le Lectier Kit Kat has 69 calories and is made with white chocolate. Upon opening it there was a strong artificial pear smell. This mini had a nice smooth pear flavor to it that was pretty tasty. It was concentrated in the chocolate but it was there in the wafers as well.

Yubari melon flavor!

This tiny gift set features 5 mini foil packages of Kit Kats, each with two small bars in them. The packaging also tells us that Yubari Melons are native to Hokkaido, and as such this is a regional snack. Up close you get that pleasant distinct milk chocolate Kit Kat scent, and a very sweet melon scent as well. The melon flavour is close to Cantaloupe, but if you’ve ever had any other Japanese melon-flavoured items, it’s much closer to those than to fresh cantaloupe.

Citrus golden blend flavor!

The bar smells like a mixture of lemon, orange, and white chocolate. The first burst of flavor is definitely a pretty nice juicy orange task followed by a very mellow lemon. These KitKats represent the regions of Chugoku and Shikoku, both of which grow citrus fruit.

Blueberry cheesecake flavor!

Well, Japan has always been delivering something exotic and foreign in candy form is a challenge that the Japanese will rise to every time, and that’s what brings me to Blueberry Cheescake Kit Kats. Much sweeter than the standard cheese Kit Kat, blueberry cheesecake has hints of artificial blueberry but that intense, distinctive cheese scent is pretty overpowering. Breaking the Kit Kat fingers in half and smelling the interior doesn’t do much either, it’s almost entirely the Kit Kat white chocolate cheese smell, with just a touch of blueberry sweetness.

Rilakkuma’s hot pancake flavor! (Very limited edition)

Rilakkuma Hotcake, which looks to be pancake-flavored Kit Kats inspired by the San-X character Rilakkuma has a surprisingly amazing taste. The outer shell tastes like butter, while the wafers give off a reasonably mild maple-syrup flavor. Taken together, they taste like pancakes that are just came out from the kitchen. Very well recommended for dessert lovers out there.

Wasabi flavor!

Wasabi, also known as the Japanese horseradish, is known for its strong, pungent flavour that, upon consumption, feels like Mount Fuji is erupting in your nose. However, this green-tinged-white-chocolate kit kat affords you endless wasabi pleasure, without the spicy eruptions.


Apple flavor!

Direct from Japan, this apple flavoured milk chocolate kit kat masterfully blends apple with chocolate such that no single flavour is overpowering. Biting into it reveals a nice crispness that reminds you of apples freshly plucked from their high perches. Newton himself would be proud to have this drop upon his esteemed crown.


Strawberry cheesecake flavor!

Yokohama, Japan, is known for their legendary strawberries, which is of little surprise why they would come up with this flavor. You’ll feel like freshly ripened strawberries are exploding in your mouth and then imagine tasting the best cheesecake you’ve ever had in your life. Rejoice.


Ichimi or chili pepper flavor!

Spice up your life with Chili Kit Kat! Chili and dark chocolate seem an unlikely pair, but you have to try it to find out otherwise. Dark chocolate is a surprise complement to chili, and each bite does not explode into a fiery eruption, but slowly builds a distinct yet pleasurable spicy buzz at the back of your throat.Image

PS: These flavors come in a box of 12 individually wrapped packets, with each packet containing 2 sticks of pure indulgence.


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